My ultimate goal in horse training is to teach and show a horse how to enjoy their job. I focus on a training method that helps horses to understand a working partnership with their riders through soft, subtle and quiet cues. Not matter how old or young you are, I can help you be the leader that your horse desires you to be. I believe in a training method that teaches a horse how to be quiet, calm, soft, receptive, and responsive. Once a horse leaves my program, it is equally important to help the rider be in tune with the responsiveness that is created in training so the horse can continue in a positive direction. I not only desire to teach your horse, but teach YOU how to continue the education that your horse receives. It is very important to be a part of your horse’s training. Everything we do as humans, teaches our equine partners something. I want that learning to be positive, which is why, the owner plays a vital role in training. I love to have owners included in training and give knowledge on the reasoning behind what I am training horses to do. Communication is key! I will help you tune into what you are communicating with your horse through your body, tone of voice, energy, and attitude.

Ground work is an extremely big part of a horses' foundation and is also a tool to fix a majority of problems that arise from a panic or anxiety filled horse. I have a dedication to be the best horsewomen that I can be, and I am devoted to continuing education. I believe you can never stop learning!

Director and Trainer at Heart of Gold Equestrian. I have a broad background in both English and Western Disciplines ranging from barrel racing, reining, equitation, ranch horse pleasure, lower level dressage, and working cow-horse classes. My passion is to equip people to become competent horse owners with a great understanding of horsemanship. I have multiple rodeo queen titles and have competed heavily in NBHA (National Barrel Horse Association), BRAT (Barrel Racing Association of Texas), NARC&SP (National Association of Riding Clubs & Sheriff's Possees), WBRA (Word Barrel Racing Productions), THSRA (Texas Highschool Rodeo Association) and other shows and assocations in Texas, Arakansas, and Oklahoma. I have been teaching lessons for many years. I have coached AQHA Show Teams, IEA Teams and rodeo teams. I have a passion for horse training as well and have studied under world-class horse trainers.

Training is $750/month and includes full care paddock board.

Here is quick video of a groundwork session I did with emphasizing voice commands. This was probably our 4th day to work on this. This horse came to me with a lot of insecurity and most of that insecurity left once we started together on the ground. So many issues can be fixed with groundwork, and it is great for bonding too! I started by giving body commands and voice commands together at the beginning of working on this. Once the horse understood the body commands, I started to decrease them into smaller actions but kept the voice command. Over time the horses will starting putting together what the voice command means without the body movement. This is just something I like to do in training, it’s fun and it’s less work for the rider in the long term!